Our Process and Frequently Asked Questions

We have been a licensed and insured general contractor in the state of Hawaii since 2009.

We have an in house staff of well-seasoned tradesman who are carpenters, tile setters and finishers.  We also have close working relationships with highly qualified licensed plumbers and electricians.  All of our subcontractors are licensed, insured and backed by Stella Lani’s extended warranty.

Yes, lots.  We have a long list of satisfied homeowners willing to share thier experience and our workmanship on our behalf.

Upon agreeing to work together we provide a fully detailed bid that includes explanation of labor, materials, expected timeframe and payment schedule.   Our bids, just like our work, are detail oriented, concise and very clear.

Our schedule is typically made well in advance.  However once you commit to us, we commit to you and when it’s time for your project you are our focus.  We have a proven track record of working efficiently and delivering on budget and on time.

Depending on what’s needed, special order materials can take 4-12 weeks to arrive to Maui.  As often as is possible, we use local shops and tradesman to facilitate our materials and projects.